This wilderness area is situated on the shores of the famous Lake Kariba’s Eastern Basin. Here on the floodplains of the Nyaodza River, herds of buffalo and wildebeest (gnu) can be found grazing on the succulent shoots of young grass, creating a vista of serenity and a real connection to the African soil.

Zimbela’s earthy Charara Collection found its inspiration here and the wildebeest gameskin hides, striking in their simple yet varying palettes, blend seamlessly with soft leathers, leading the way to comfort and luxury.



Wildebeest tails in particular are revered for their ‘powers’ among traditional African spiritual healers, known colloquially as ‘witch doctors’ (“isangom” in Zulu) and are therefore highly prized and sought after items with which to make the divining switch “ishoba” as these must be either pure white or pure black.

Together with the central mane, we often incorporate the tail as a special detail on various furniture pieces.


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