"An assemblage of the finest materials and designs"

Our collections of furniture, artwork and decorative / lifestyle accessories represent an assemblage of the finest materials and designs and highest luxury and refinement.

A-Grade game skins and Nguni fur-tanned hides are hand-chosen in Zimbabwe before arriving in Dubai where they are furnished by our skilled craftsmen into either ready-made pieces for Zimbela’s collections or await selection by a client for the creation of a bespoke piece.

Each bespoke furniture piece will naturally vary in size and even for ready-made pieces, although we reference typical working measurements for each piece, the size and patterning of each individual hide determines the eventual dimensions.




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Various local Zimbabwean artists, painters and sculptors produce unique artwork pieces, either to order or ready made.


We use the same game skins and Nguni cow hides to make a variety of decorative accessories, Iincluding , drinks coasters, cushion covers and rugs. Other items such as horns and quills are also utilised to make lamps, shades and other decorative accessories. We also offer gameskins and Ngnui cow hides as floor rugs.


Lifestyle accessories include travel bags, handbags and belts all made from game skins, Nguni cowhide and leather.

These art pieces and decorative accessories are often integrated into our interior designs to achieve a uniquely African theme to any space.


Zeb Hide
Multi Hides
springbok bag 1
dolfi buff
Baobab Moonrise
kudu horn lamp
ostrich travel bag
Nguni Rug Interior 2017