“For the discerning, distinguished and passionate few“

Zimbela aims to create a distinctly individual experience every time we engage with a client; the end result being complete satisfaction with a bespoke and original interior design/decoration, furniture piece, artwork or accessory.

We realise that what we do, the bespoke experiences we offer, the unique pieces we create, and the sustainable use of natural resources that we stand for and promote, is not for everybody. But, for the discerning, distinguished and passionate few, we pride ourselves on creating only the very best.



“Design is intelligence made visible” – Alina Wheeler


We pride ourselves on producing intelligent designs and creating the finest individual pieces. Nothing leaves our studio and workshop until it exceeds our own expectations. Only with this dedication can Zimbela consistently deliver a service which both our company and more importantly, our clients can be proud of.

We actively encourage our clients to participate in the creation of their individual masterpiece, be that a design for an interior or exterior space or a furniture piece. Every design should, in our estimation, be genuinely unique and we strive to turn your imagination into reality.

We will meet personally with you to understand your requirements, vision and ideas and then collaboratively define a brief, from where we can then begin to develop your bespoke design.  We maintain transparency from the outset so that you always know what we are doing and why and in turn, what deliverables you can expect from us. All fees are bespoke and together with terms and conditions are negotiated and agreed with our clients at the outset.


We are uniquely experienced in creating authentic and bespoke African themed interior designs and decoration of spaces. Together with our ability to not only create the design but also the furniture pieces, artwork and accessories within it, Zimbela is able to provide a truly holistic solution.

Zebra Rug Interior 2017
ZB Nguni & Proteas Interior 2018


Entertaining outdoors is a way of life in Africa and most exterior spaces are designed with this in mind. Exclusive access to the very unique OFYR outdoor entertainment and grilling system allows Zimbela to create stunning exterior settings around this decorative yet functional showpiece, which will undoubtedly leave lasting impressions on all who experience the space.

ZB & OFYR Kaap Landscape Design 2017
ZB & OFYR Blue Pots Landscape Design 201



“I begin with an idea, and then it becomes something else” –  Pablo Picasso

Commissioning a bespoke interior or article is the beginning of an experience. Not only is the entire process a captivating and personal journey, but it is only the start of what we hope is a lifetime of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Imagination 1
imagination nguni
creation 6



“Things should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”  – Albert Einstein

We believe in simply creating luxury and our products utilise only the very best materials and components that we can find together with our commitment to uncompromising, lasting quality, workmanship, technique, skill and pride in what we do.

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creation 2
creation 1
Copy of creation 5
bar stool 6



Latest Bespoke Furniture Piece

We offer our clients either fully customised or ready made pieces of luxury African themed furniture.



dolfi buff
Liberty Shuro - Wild Dog Sketch

We offer our clients individually commissioned African artwork, including paintings, drawings, wood and stone carvings and sculptures, traditional furniture and musical instruments.

These pieces, be they painted, carved or sculpted, take countless hours of concentration and a very steady hand to produce. Most often, the artists rely on very limited means and have no access to any modern facilities and equipment, hence making use of extremely basic and uncomplicated tools to create their masterpieces.

The most incredible talent that these artists showcase in their masterful creations, is in their accuracy of depicting proportion and likeness.



ZB Kudu Horn Lamp 2015
ZB Porcupine Quill Table Lamp 2014

We use the same game skins and Nguni cow hides to make a variety of decorative accessories, including drinks coasters, plain and patchwork cushion covers and rugs, wall art and panelling 

We also offer gameskins and Ngnui cow hides as floor rugs.

Other items such as horns and quills are also utilised to make lamps, shades, wall sconces and other decorative items.

These accessories are often integrated into our interior designs to achieve a uniquely African theme to any space.