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Where do the animal hides and leather come from?

All of the gameskin and Nguni hides are sourced in Zimbabwe or South Africa (for species such as springbok which do not occur elsewhere). All exotic leathers, such as elephant, buffalo, crocodile and ostrich are sourced in Zimbabwe. All cow leather (only finest grade used) is sourced in Italy, Thailand, and Brazil.

I understand that Zimbela makes bespoke furniture; how much can I really customsie my piece?

So long as it is both legal and ethical to obtain any animal product that can be used to make furniture, artwork or accessories, there are no practical limits to the level of customization that we will endeavor to achieve.

What is the production time for a piece of bespoke furniture?

This varies and depends entirely on the piece in question, the complexity of the design and the sourcing of the correct animal hide and/or leather. Typically, a wing back chair can take up to 8 weeks while a more simple ottoman might take 4 weeks.

Where does the artwork come from?

All artwork, such as paintings, sculptures and carvings, are sourced from local artists in Zimbabwe.

How long does it take to complete an artwork piece?

If the piece is commissioned the completion time can range from 4 to 6 weeks for carvings and sculptures to 6 months for bespoke paintings and drawings.

I like your furniture but do I need to participate in a hunting safari to order any?

No, it is not a requirement to participate in any hunting in order to avail of our bespoke services.

Is it possible to purchase ready-made furniture or already-completed art?

Absolutely! We keep a small stock of ready-made pieces of our flagship and most popular pieces of furniture as well as a selection of some of our favourite artwork. We do however encourage our customers to immerse themselves in the experience of the creation of bespoke pieces which are unique to them.

Can I place an order from anywhere in the world or do I need to come to Dubai to participate in the design process face to face?

While we love meeting and interacting with all of our customers personally, we appreciate that it is not always practical or cost effective to journey to our headquarters in Dubai to enjoy that experience.


We therefore are most willing and able to engage with and interact with any of our customers via their preferred method of online communication and commit to guiding them through the process with regular updates and milestone checks.

What languages does Zimbela speak?

We are primarily able to communicate in English, Russian and French, however, we will do our level best to adapt to the requirements of any customer at any time.

Bespoke Furniture and Artwork

All bespoke furniture and artwork, but its very name, means that it is commissioned as a unique piece for an individual client. While for example, the dimensions of a wing back chair, from one piece to another, may not vary by much, no two piece of furniture will ever have a gameskin hide that is exactly the same; each will be absolutely unique.

The time we spend with clients, while working on their brief and developing it into the finally approved piece, ready for production, is free. We cannot, of course, release the design work to the client until an order is placed for the piece, whereupon the client, then owns the right to that piece.

At the time of placing an order, a fee will be agreed and 50% of that is payable immediately and prior to commencement of production.

The final 50% of the fee is payable upon the commissioned piece being completed to the satisfaction of the client.

Shipping & Delivery

Delivery in U.A.E is free. For shipping to all other countries we will provide an estimate at the beginning of the design process and confirm this once the piece is complete, or for ready-to-purchase items, the shipping price can be calculated immediately.

Gameskin & Nguni Hides

We strive to ensure that all of our gameskin and Nguni cow hides come from sources that:

  1. Are sustainable

  2. Do not practice or promote cruelty of any kind to animals

  3. Harvest their animals in a legal, ethical, respectful and humane manner


To request any additional information about any product, To learn more about the options to customise an item or create a bespoke piece or to simply ask us a questions, please contact us below. We look forward to your enquiry.

Zimbela Group's Data Privacy Policy


At Zimbela Group (under which enterprise falls Zimbela African Interiors and OFYR.AE) we value and respect the personal data that our customers share with us (including but no limited to name, contact details sch as email address, telephone/mobile number, physical address etc) and promise not to use any of it in an inappropriate manner or share it without the customer's explicit consent (except, for example, where we must provide the necessary information for shipping purposes or similar).

This personal data will be stored safely by Zimbela Group for the primary use in marketing/advertising/promotional campaigns that are relevant to our products and services.

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