. . . . at a particular place known as “Paradise” groups of Burchell’s Zebra can be found . . . . 


The Nyakasanga River, flowing into the mighty Zambezi only in the summer, defines a magical part of the Lower Zambezi Valley where often, at a particular place known as “Paradise” groups of Burchell’s Zebra can be found.

This was the inspiration for Zimbela’s flagship Nyakasanga Collection, which brings forth the beauty and uniqueness of the Zebra in our gameskin furniture creations.

One or two shadow stripes rest between the bold, broad stripes on the haunch, a feature unique to the Burchell’s Zebra and gives rise to striking elements of a furniture piece when this part of the game skin is utilized.



Our flagship piece in this collection is the wing back chair, upholstered by hand in A-Grade Zebra gameskin. Zimbela decided that this piece needed to be more than just Nyakasanga’s flagship though; it needed a name.


A wing back in these dimensions is something of great character and stature; something that earns your respect and exudes a certain air of authority and importance in any space or setting.


Part of Zimbela’s philanthropic efforts support the Old Georgians Dragons rugby team and one of the old warriors in the team epitomizes these qualities. It was therefore an easy decision to honour Fortunate Chipendu and it is with great pride that we offer as the Nyakasanga Collection flagship piece, “The Chipendu Wingback”.



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