“In the end, we conserve only what we love”

We earnestly believe in ensuring the continued viability of government and privately owned natural habitat by giving commercial value to the animals for whose use this land has been set aside.


By creating a demand for African gameskin hides, we believe that this commercial value placed on the animals, directly contributes to their long term protection and management for sustainable use and as a consequence, so the land on which they roam is also seen as having intrinsic value thereby being seen as worth conserving.

In promoting this philosophy, Zimbela seeks to operate responsibly and aims to direct a portion of profits towards engaging in several philanthropic activities.




Zimbela identified early on that one of the keys to success is integrity; if we promote a passion for our country then so too should we as a matter of priority, promote and support local artists. Promoting one without the other would simply not work.

Zimbabwe is home to some of the most artistically creative and talented people who are able to produce incredible pieces of artwork, using only their imaginations, hands, and simple tools, from nothing more than stone and wood. With eyes for detail and an almost unbelievable ability to accurately re-create from memory,  lifelike images of all manner animals, people and other objects to perfect scale, these artists sadly have little to no platform upon which to showcase their work.

Zimbela, therefore, decided to partner with various local Zimbabwean artists, including painters, sketch and drawing specialists, stone and wood carving experts and makers of traditional furniture and musical instruments, in an effort to provide an international stage for their work and an opportunity to offer our clients access to some absolutely unique and interesting art. Staying true to their traditional methods, tools and techniques, these gifted artists showcase their skill and authenticity of their masterpieces.

A positive outcome of this form of support is that local artists begin to understand the value in protecting and nurturing their surrounding forest areas for more sustainable use. With conservation then being practiced at a grass roots level, the positive knock-on effect of more selective harvesting of trees is better overall environmental protection which in turn benefits the same zebras, wildebeest, Nguni cattle and other species that Zimbela relies upon.




Zimbela respects the ethics of hard work and team play, values which are reflective of some of our own and no other sport promotes these in as raw a form as rugby.

When a local Zimbabwean amateur club rugby team, the Old Georgians Dragons approached Zimbela for sponsorship, we saw this as another opportunity to give something back to a community at home.

Sport is one of the few things in life that bridges all social, racial and economic boundaries and while the experiences that we seek to create are aimed at clients who are more fortunate than most, we realized from the outset that it is ordinary Zimbabweans who in so many different ways, support and indeed form the backbone of our operations.

We are therefore privileged to be able to give something back, through sport, to provide the opportunity for some ordinary folk to enjoy otherwise unaffordable or unreachable experiences.

In turn, our message of the importance of conservation is more widely broadcast through the sharing of our brand name that happens every time the team takes to the field or engages with the public either face to face or via social media.


Dubai Rugby Sevens Tournaments – 2018 & 2019 UPDATE

Following the Dubai Rugby Sevens tournament held in December 2017, Zimbela is proud to announce that the Old Georgians Dragons, playing in the elite category and facing some stiff competition from various international and professional teams, reached the final of the Challenge Trophy. A narrow defeat in that game nonetheless secured automatic qualification to the 2018 tournament and in so doing, not only making Zimbela extremely proud of their achievements but most importantly showcasing what can be achieved when a good cause is provided with necessary support.

The Dragons again qualified for the 2019 tournament following a successful campaign in 2018.

Zimbela’s commitment to supporting the Dragons remains firm and we welcomed the team back to Dubai in December 2018 and 2019, sporting newly designed team kit, where once again they very admirably performed, proudly representing their country, club, team, families, the sport of rugby and all of their sponsors.

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