Possibly one of the most rugged wilderness areas in Southern Africa, Tuli is as varied in landscape as it is vast. From the soft sands of the normally dry Shashi River to almost impassible plains of small stones and rocky outcrops; from riverine thickets to mopane woodlands and lone baobabs standing guard over ancient pathways as they have done for millennia. It is as if nature herself has dressed the earth with every possible decoration.

It was in this incredible display of variety, that Zimbela found inspiration for the Tuli Collection and where we pay homage to the creative spirit of Africa’s people with authentic, locally produced artwork (paintings, sculptures, carvings) and decorative accessories which effortlessly enhance any space, setting, occasion or outfit.



This collection is an ensemble of our finest decorative and lifestyle accessories, many of which take inspiration from the central themes of our other dedicated collections. If unable to make a choice as to a favourite, but desiring a little from each collection perhaps, we hope that our offerings in the Tuli Collection will satisfy the soul.


"Luxury African Lifestyle Interiors, Furniture, Accessories & Artwork"

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