At Zimbela, we believe that through articulating our core values, we gain a very clear understanding of how to behave in any situation.

  • Anticipate our customers’ expectations and strive to exceed those at all times.

  • Use only the finest grade, tanned natural gameskin and Nguni hides, genuine leather and best quality timber and decorative accessories.

  • Work with the skill, care, purpose and pride.

  • Create end-products which must survive for generations.

  • Support and participate in sustainable resource use and development.

  • Promote local Zimbabwean craftsmen and artists as a priority within our supply chain.

  • Integrity – do what we say we will do and when we say we will do it; always.

  • Be limitless in our creativity.

  • Work passionately, seek to out-do ourselves every single day and have fun trying.


"Luxury African Lifestyle Interiors, Furniture, Accessories & Artwork"

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